Out of the Ashes.. The Phoenix will Always Rise...

Life is crazy ain't it? If you all are wondering, yes I've been away for a minute. When 2011 hit, my life hit a crossroads, my struggles deepend, the light dimmed. It hit a point to where I shut my self off musically. I will say, through it all, I have seem to find the light again, and some kind of piece, if not within my soul, within my mind. After a move to Sacramento earlier this year, that flame started to burn again. What I have again found to be true, is that the struggle is beautiful, and truly what does not kill you,  only makes you stronger. Only until a few months ago did I start to get back into the studio. I feel it inside of me, my wings ready to spread wide again to soar. I promise you all who have supported me, that Ony Oz. has risen from the ashes. I have too much love for this to silence it. I will continue to be your voice and your eyes. I will continue to go where others are afraid to. I will be your martyr as I spill my heart into this artform.

I am in the studio as we speak finishing incompleted tracks for the I'm Money album. At this point in time the I'm Money album WILL be released still. I appreciate your patience and support, and I will not let you down! New music soon folks!!!



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