Ony Oz. is the front man behind One Survival Movement. Ony was born in Oakland, California to Sicilian and Portuguese immigrants. Learning the struggles of poverty and a better future from his elders, Ony embraced the struggle at a very young age. When he started making music at the age of 12, Ony always focused on struggle to be the heart within his voice and the pain within his lyrics. As Ony got older, he began to understand the business and hustle that is needed in order to be successful in the music industry. By the age of 22 Ony had a successful resume of performances under his belt, as well as a healthy line up of artists that he has collabed with. Some of these artists include Zion I, The Outlawz, Hieroglyphics, Dead Prez, San Quinn, The Jacka, Boot Camp Clik and more. Ony Oz. is an emcee and producer with a socially aware platform. His lyrics range from quick gritty street politics to hard rhythmic lyricism. His skill as a producer break all barriers and trends of hip hop, allowing his sound to be very versatile. Ony's live performances usually are backed with a live band (Hypnotic Vibrations band members), giving his performances top of the line sound and entertainment. Adding this to Ony's stage presence has been quoted as being "immaculate and heart pounding". Ony has shared the stage with the likes of KRS One, Zion I, Hieroglyphics, Andre Nickatina & more.