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Black Diamond Entertainment is a management music and modeling company ran by independent moguls Ms. Cheyenne and Ladi Jayde. Black Diamond was created to show case the rare beauty within the lady's around the Bay Area. Our purpose is to stand out with more class, ambition, talent, poise, sophistication, and originality within our artist models and art/graphic designers . 2010 is a year of growth and success. This company is ran by business women who are willing and ready to complete your dream rather than sell you one.Black Diamond label was designed to push those individuals who believe they have what it takes to be very successful within the industry as a whole. Ladi Jayde founded Black Diamond Entertainment in 2009 therefor we are fairly fresh to the Bay. Do you sing, act, dance, model, produce music, draw or graphic design? Contact us. Our company stands out from all the rest because black diamonds are synthetic diamonds that are made from a very technical process which "separates a Synthetic Diamond among the Natural ones." Black Diamond Entertainment.

Come support this upcoming event in Oakland at the Paradiso Lounge on May 5th.

To Contact Black Diamond Ent. Email:

bdiamondent@yahoo.com or ladi.jayde@gmail.com

Ony's Vid Pick of the Week! Lauryn Hill- "Sweetest Thing" 

Sit back and listen to the beautiful voice of one of the most outstanding singer/songwriters of our generation (in my opinion). Lauren Hill paints a simple, yet raw image of the every day struggle that folks encounter. Don't forget to look for a quick cameo from 2Pac! Big up! Lauryn Hill - Sweetest Thing!

Ony's Vid Pick of the Week! Zion I - "So Tall" 

Ok, so this week I gotta show respect for the homies Zion I. This is one of my favorite tracks off of their third studio album  release "True in Livin'" way back in 2005. Big up Zion I if ain't already! You can check them out at www.zionicrew.com. They got some upcomin shows in the bay area region. May 1st in Chico @ The Senator and May 28th In Santa Cruz w/ Erk the Jerk. That's gonna be a hot one! Give thanks and here it is.. Zion I: "So Tall"...


RIP GURU- Gang Starr will Forever Be... 

As we all know by know, The legend Guru has passed away at the age of 43 from cancer. It is sad that he left with such beef with Premier, but right now we all should put that aside and remember him for what he stood for, and the impact that he made within hip hop and culture. RIP Guru, respect and love!

Here is one of my fav's "Code of the Streets"

Police Officer Beats 28yo unarmed man to a pulp 

I try so hard... so hard, to hold some kind of respect for cops, but thru personal experience, and the sick acts and corruption that I see almost everyday, I can't seem to find any. This Cop beats this guy unconcious from which he later suffered a concusion. The cop was suspended. SUSPENDED?? WOW! How about being charged with Voluntary manslaughter?? Ahh yes, thats right, when cops break the same laws that ordinary folks do, there ain't no repercussions. Watch the video, ya'll be the judge...




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Previous events


Lyricist Lounge w/ Conscious Daughters & Vomito Liriko

La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA

Age limit: All ages


Ony Oz. Live w/ The Grouch (Living Legends)

Shattuck Down Low, 2284 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, Ca

For presale tickets contact (510) 685-6323 or email: onesurvival@gmail.com

$15 adv. Age limit: 21+


Ony Oz. Live w/ Sadat X (Brand Nubian)

Karibbean City, 1408 Webster, Oakland, CA

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Oakland Lyricist Lounge

1616 Franklin St., Oakland, CA

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ZION I, The Pack, Ony Oz. w/ DJ Aspect & Nima Fadavi

The Avalon, 777 Lawrence Expwy, Santa Clara, CA

$15 Adv Age limit: All ages


Ony Oz. w/ Mystic Roots & Hypnotic Vibrations

Shattuck Down Low, 2284 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA

$10 Age limit: 21+


Ony Oz. w/ Sunspot Jonz & Dub ESQ

Karibbean City , 1408 Webster St, Oakland, CA

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Ony Oz. Live w/ Aceyalone & Sunspot Jonz (Living Legends)

Shattuck Down Low, 2284 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley , CA

Age limit: 21+


Oakland Lyricist Lounge

Oakland Lyricist Lounge, Franklin St, Oakland, CA

Age limit: All ages


Ony Oz. Live w/ KRS One & Chosen Few

Shattuck Down Low, 2284 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA

Age limit: 21+